Twinkling TARDIS.

Time travel

HAHAHAH This was great. So, dad and I was watching Jessie Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory like we always do. Tonights episode was about…. TIME TRAVEL.

Whereas I am pretty sure Jessie, as well as my dad and I had a hard time believing the ‘Project Pegasus’ Whistle Blower Andrew D. Basiago, we also couldn’t disprove him…I mean, if it really happened the way he said it did, there was no way for a CHILD to get any proof of what was happening to him..I mean not many children would even think to get something like that, and if something like that did happen I imagine the government would be a bit cautious about ‘proof’ not getting leaked anyway. So, while it seems near fantasy, it seems more likely that hypnosis or possibly even mind control tests(which was also widely known to be going on during that time) would be conducted than actual time travel. 

Basiago as a child during Lincolns era?

ANYWAY, you guys GOTTA know what I was thinking the whole time. I couldn’t NOT think about DOCTOR WHO. Hahaha.

So after the show went off, dad and I further discussed time travel, which got us talkin about star trek and doctor who. Thats all we talked about for a whole hour. Dad told his stories of his favorite star trek episodes and I TRIED to explain what was goin on with the doctor. haha. It was fun. Pretty awesome my dad can geek out with me like that :D I mean, I too like star trek, at least the first series and next generation. Dad only watched the first series so thats the one he’s fond of. But he actually ASKED me to explain doctor who to him. Which was awesome :D

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