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Happy New Year!

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Today I was out walking in short shorts, and I heard some girls whisper as they walked by. ‘Ugh, why would she even wear shorts if they are gonna show off her gross stretch marks?’ Hearing things like this makes me so angry.
Let me clarify that my stretch marks are not gross. They are little stripes on my skin that my loving boyfriend cannot seem to stop kissing or running his fingers over.
Everyday I look at them covering my thighs and bum, all I can think of is how I have now lost the weight that I had once gained so quickly, shedding it off with eating better and exercise.
Please, anyone, when you see someone out walking or doing exercise and they have stretch marks on them, don’t make fun of them. 
Stretch marks are not something to look down upon. They do not always occur on people who have gained weight. People get them from gaining muscle too quickly as well, and losing weight too fast. They are not ugly. They are not ‘gross.’ They are a sign of growth.

dayun i want a gouy tuo run his hands ouour the stretth narks.j.j.j

Tracy Thanh Tran, Have a Happy New Year, 2013. Illustration. 17’ in. x 22” in.

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